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Urgent Care for Spine & Neurosurgery

Adelaide Neurosurgeon A/Prof. Andrew Zacest is proud to provide 24/7 private spine and neurosurgery support. This new service allows direct access to highly-qualified care when and where it is needed.

A/Prof Andrew Zacest


Dr Andrew Zacest - Adelaide Neurosurgeon

With dual USA and Australian fellowships in both neurosurgery and pain surgery, A/Prof. Andrew Zacest provides leading private spine and neurosurgery care. His clinical interests encompass all areas of spine and neurosurgery.

Conveniently located at the new, state of the art Calvary Adelaide Hospital, A/Prof. Zacest sees referrals for privately insured patients he deems urgent within 2 workings days and can be reached by mobile at all hours for emergencies and complex matters.


(08) 7089 5262

0428 831 132

(08) 8359 2539
(08) 7109 0074

Email admin@adelaideneuro.com.au

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    Calvary Adelaide Hospital
    Suite 6 Level 1, 120 Angas St,
    Adelaide SA 5000,

    Phone: (08) 7089 5262
    Fax: (08) 8359 2539 (08) 7109 0074

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