How Should I Prepare for my Appointment?

It great that you will be attending our clinic so here are a few suggestions to make the most of your appointment with us.

Firstly we will require an updated referral from your medical practitioner before we can make your appointment to determine whether we can assist and how urgently we need to see you. Also without a valid referral you will be unable to claim your Medicare rebate for the consultation.

Secondly you will save a lot of time if you are able to fill out the patient information questionnaire on line before your appointment. I would like to know particularly what your expectations are for the consultation so we can help you the most.

Thirdly bring all previous radiological investigations particularly if you are new to the practice. Although these days most radiology practices including Jones, Radiology SA, Bensons, Fowler and Simmons and Adelaide MRI have websites that we can access others are not so every bit of information is helpful even a report.

Fourth consider whether you would like someone to accompany you to the appointment particularly if you have difficulties remembering, hearing or have a complex problem that would be helpful to have a support person particularly if you are having surgery which will impact on your family. Unfortunately, for privacy and confidentiality reasons, we cannot allow recording of consultations, however you can, if necessary have significant others on phone speaker if they cannot attend.

Fifth. If you require certificates or forms filled out bring them on the day. Sick certificates cannot be back dated by law. Requests for reports by lawyers, workcover etc need to forwarded in writing and cannot be done any other way. Most treatment related forms can be filled out at no charge but may require a few days. Other forms may incur a fee payable by the patient.

Lastly we require full payment on the day of consultation so please be aware of our fees and charges. The exceptions are Workcover, DVA, Garrison Heath. We accept all cards or cash.